"Barcelona" is performed by a group consisting mainly of people experiencing dance and being on stage for the first time. Under the direction of Marion Zurbach, they approached the topic of fragility in several workshops. The result of this research is presented as an intimate collage of the performers personal stories, taking place in an imaginary trip to Barcelona.

“To see the piece come together, adding music and lights and presenting it to an audience was just the great finale of what had been a wonderful journey, one I’m very glad to have been a part of.” -Nectan Jucker & Sarah Hübscher, participants & performers in Barcelona

With: Kathrin Buregeya, Stefanie Büchel, Gabriela Flechsig, Nectan Mc Nally, Samuel Schneider, Laura Frey, Sarah Hübscher, Yannique Müller, Pablo Ferrari, David Mühlemann, Michael Fankhauser

Choreography: Marion Zurbach in collaboration with the performers
Music: Valerio Rodelli Lights: Olivier Famin

PERFORMANCES UNA Festival, Grosse Halle, Reitschule Bern, Switzerland 25./26. August 2016