• 10.08.2022
  • 11.08.2022
  • 12.08.2022
  • 13.08.2022

far° fabrique des arts vivants

The performance looks at the relationship that the performers had with their bodies at different times in their lives, in relation to Biche's experience and life path. Their testimonies speak of attempts at control, injury, healing and reinvention.Géraldine Chollet and Marion Zurbach get together and dance with the aim of creating a relationship of trust and intimacy.



  • 15.10.2022

Creation for the Luzerne Theatre

In collaboration with the ensemble's dancers and the costume designer Silvia Romanelli

The artistic project deals with the notion of subject, representation, and consequently, existing modes of being in fixed categories.

To question this relationship to the body and its representation, the dancers will explore the notion of 'becoming', that is not a resemblance, an imitation nor an identification. A becoming that produces nothing but itself, a verb that has a consistency of its own, in perpetual evolution and non-binary.

For this, we will work on a way of being on stage constructed from notions of playing with the duration, attention to micro-perceptions, transformation, and non-representativeness of normative subjects. The constant metamorphosis through which we will elude every identification, every attempt an ascription or categorization in terms of gender or species. This will happen, also through the voice. The differentiation between voice and language leads to the questions: what is interpreted as a scream and what is interpreted as intelligible language? Who is considered an animal and who is considered a human? Who is a political subject and who is a mere 'life form'?

In this in-between space of negotiation, we will observe how each category overlaps with the others and how, within that, they form a spectrum.

We will be inspired by the organic, the mineral or animal finery. We will make an experimental orchestra out of our voices, we will seek for a power, a consistency, and a composition of desire.

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