UNPLUSH Company explores original formats around the presentation of stage works and installation performances. The company proposes works that result from the dialogue between people participating in the productions. Whether they are artists, anthropologists or amateur dancers, the meeting between people with different life experiences or of different ages is seen as a stimulus for reflection and solidarity.

Under the artistic direction of Marion Zurbach, the performers work from their connection to a theme, with their imagination and history. Between myth and realism, tragedy and humour, UNPLUSH observes constructions, existential strategies or non human life forms. The performers confront themselves with the effects, a specific environment has on their behaviour and bodies, particularly the physical transformations that occur in critical situations. A reflection on our conditionings, our struggles and what a space of speculation like the stage can produce.

In 2018, UNPLUSH has been awarded a three-year support by PRAIRIE, the co-production model of Migros Kulturprozent for innovative Swiss theater and dance companies. UNPLUSH is supported by the Dampfzentrale Bern.

In 2019 UNPLUSH has been awarded the June Johnson Dance Price.

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